Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dogs Know

Every new piece of human research shows
just how smart dogs are.

This dog is not impressed.

In a new study published in a human journal, Animal Cognition
Researches have “discovered” we know how humans feel

It’s news apparently,
that we read facial expressions, can sense
when a human is untrustworthy.

Remember that time you promised a treat?
Fido sat quietly, for an entire hour
So you could work.
You forgot.

Fido remembered.

We remember your little lies.
We’ve been onto you all long.

Scientists at the Kyoto University
Promised food.
Didn’t deliver.
Noted that we didn’t respond to the third round of broken promises.

It seems, amazingly, we can tell if people are reliable or just
lying liars.

We had to evolve in our long history with humans.

We know too much

to be your best friend.

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