Monday, January 4, 2016

Snow Day

Trundling bundles
    nod softly,
       tread lightly,
          smile shyly
            as they pass.

Indomitable abominables
   in snow shoes
     scrunch through
       on their way to

In the tree-filled church of sledding,
Pilgrims pray on bellies flopped.
Tushes twirl in coaster pews,
         and spin
              and stop.

Busy sculptors
Work cold wonders
   in the city, in the park -
     frozen maidens, chilly children,
       carrot noses, eyes of bark.

A snowy deer with antler branches,
     Standing tall and poised and still,
         Like a glacial wintry sentry,
             Keeps its vigil on the hill.

Gilded beams grace the rooftops.
Droplets glisten from the eaves.
We'll have buttered toast in blankets,
Cocoa kisses if we please.